Defining The Difference

How does CheckSeal find the right product for your company?

CheckSeal doesn’t force you into buying any specific products since we don’t make or represent one specific brand. We will sift through our massive product line to find the right equipment to fit your specific needs and budget. After one consultation with our highly qualified professionals, you will be satisfied.

Pressure Sealers

With CheckSeal you have numerous amount of machines and many printing options from which to choose. With a range of sizes, print areas, forms (cutsheet or continuous) and seals (water or pressure), you’ll be saving costs throughout your company. And the equipment is easy to use. No frustrated staff and downtime due to equipment.

Along with simplicity and savings, you’ll have the convenience and security of back up stock for emergency and disaster recovery. As an added bonus you’re also helping the environment by cutting down paper use and waste.

The CheckSeal Pressure Sealer Advantage

Right Equipment
• Many machine choices to meet your needs
• Pressure or water seal equipment available
• Check security features designed for your needs and budget
• Handles speeds of 750, 5,000, 11,000, 30,000 and 40,000 per hour
• Increases your efficiencies in processing forms
• Equipment can be used in different areas/departments within a company
• Adaptable for additional form uses

• A full range of form sizes
• Check sizes up to 8-1/2″ x 17″ available
• More print area available
• Flexibility in form choices – original stock, I.O.D. (Imprint On Demand), and custom designed forms available
• Insertion capability – insert additional piece during folding procesd
• Continuous forms can be used

Paper Stock
• Shelf stock available for emergency and disaster recovery
• Controlled stock program for cost savings
• Long shelf life – can be stored up to 1 year before printing
• Environmentally friendly as it reduces envelopes/paper waste

Ease of Use
• User-friendly equipment
• Easily opened by recipient
• Better readability – easier to read as it is first generation print

• Over 2500 installations nationwide
• National equipment maintenance

MICR Printers

CheckSeal offers a lot of MICR printer options to choose from. CheckSeal will find the best available MICR printer for your needs.

The CheckSeal MICR Printer Advantage

A major belief of CheckSeal is that cost savings should not come at the expense of security. By consulting with a CheckSeal professional, our clients have had a unique success in both. That’s because we’ve discovered that when the most stringent safeguards are built on to the most efficient system, you can have the cost savings with no loss of security.

With CheckSeal there is no folding, inserting, sealing or metering checks. There are no labor costs involved. In fact, we can save you money on every step of the operation.

Medium secure checks which feature:
• Void Pantographs
• Artificial Watermarks
• Micro Printing
• Border Copy Warning
• Thermo Chromatic Ink
• Laid Lines

Very secure checks feature all of the above, plus:
• UV Dull
• Chemical Reaction
• Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
• Toner Grip

There are many more printing and paper security features CheckSeal can use to safeguard the security of your checks. For a full explanation of all our security measures, call a CheckSeal professional.

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