Paitec USA ES5000 / ES5000L Pressure Sealer

The ES5000 / ES5000L is the most advanced and easy-to-use desktop pressure sealer.
The Form size and folding positions are easy to adjust and can be set in a matter of seconds.
A simple manual feeder allows the processing to pre-folded items.
The entire folding unit slides out on glides for easy mainetance without the need for service technician.
The reverse rolling system on the ES5000 / ES5000L automatically reverses direction and kicks back any forms that are jammed in the pressure rollers. This eliminates the operator from having to use a tool to back out a jam.

To purchase the Paitec USA ES5000 / ES5000L Pressure Sealer call 888-624-5786


Technical Specifications for the Paitec USA ES5000 / ES5000L Pressure Sealer

• Form Sizes: A4/Letter/Legal Size (option)
• Input Tray: 150 Sheets
• Speed: 4,250 Per Hour
• Fold Settings: Manual
• Paper Weight: 16 – 30 lb. Bond
• Output Capacity: 200 Sheets
• Duty Cycle: 50,000/month
• Weight:
– ES5000: 75 lbs.
– ES5000L: 80lbs.
• Size: 17 x 16 x 10 in (W x L x H)

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