Pressure Seal Stock Used In Checks and Forms

What is Pressure Seal & how does it work?

Pressure seal is a one-page self-sealing document that is mailed without an envelope. The forms can first be printed on an office laser printer and then fed through the Pressure Seal Folder/Sealer machine. Unlike other types of mailers that require heat or liquid for sealing, a pressure seal document is sealed through pressure. Folding aligns patterns of cohesive, which is applied to edges of the form during manufacturing. When the folded form passes through a series of sealing rollers that apply pressure, the cohesive is activated, creating a seal.

Examples of documents you can send using pressure seal technology:

Pressure Seal Security Check
8 1/2 x 11 Pressure Seal Security Check
Pressure Seal Multipurpose Form
11 x 17 Multipurpose Pressure Seal Form
  • Checks
  • Utility bills
  • Medical bills
  • Transcripts
  • Tax forms
  • Past due notices
  • Marketing pieces
  • PIN information
  • Test results
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • PIN information
  • Notices

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Pressure Seal Check Types & Forms


8 ½” x 11” Z-fold is the most commonly used pressure seal form for check stock. This stock is available in a variation of colors with security features.

Tax Forms

Use both the 11” V-fold or the 14” uneven Z-fold. You can print just about any tax form on the blank stock with the correct printer and software.

Promotional Mail

Self-mailers utilize the 8½” x 11” Z, C-folds and V-folds, or the 8-1/2” x 14” Z-fold, uneven Z-fold or custom folds.

Other Pressure Seal Fold Formats:

Many pressure seal forms and check are stock items, but custom forms are also available. If you don’t find the fold and dimensions you need in existing stock, custom pressure seal forms are available. Call us for more information

Pressure Seal Equipment Options

Pressure seal machines have different printing capacities. Low-volume desktop print equipment have different capacities. High high-volume floor models can process forms up to 25” long.You must understand your equipment specifications before ordering any form.

Form Fold Types

Pressure seal equipment handle forms differently. Z-fold ,C-fold, V-fold, and some custom fold types will work on many pieces of equipment. While other modules process confidential documents that require a closed path from a connected printer through the folder/sealers.

It is important that you understand your equipment fold capabilities before you purchase any form. Call us for more information

Printer Capacity

Simplex printer limits your form options. But there many solutions to accommodate your pressure seal check and form needs. Here are some considerations for choosing a pressure seal form for a simplex printer:

Simplex Printer

A simplex printer are used on Z-fold and C-fold format. Limited to one panel for the address that will appear on the flap in Z-fold. If you need to add additional information to your form, consider using a C-fold format with a window.

Duplex Printer

Duplex printers are used on C-fold and V-fold Which permits full face available for your messaging an invoice, statement, newsletter, or general information.

Off-the-Shelf Pressure Seal Forms versus a Custom Pressure Seal Form

Stock Pressure Seal Forms

For most applications utilizing an 11” or 14” format, your company can purchase pressure seal forms off the shelf, with stock one-way and two-way self-mailers. You can also get blank pressure seal form stock in the 11” length in the traditional Z-fold, C-fold, and V-fold.

Custom Pressure Seal Forms

Custom pressure seal forms have many marketing benefits including direct mail. Designing a direct mail format to meet the objectives of a marketing campaign is easily accomplished. Pressure seal can be manufactured in rolls or sheets, and simplex or duplex. Value-added features that have immediate results in a direct mail campaign include remoist glue, windows, decals, scratch-off, pull-tab perforation, affixed or integrated cards and return envelopes. Pressure seal is an essential tool in many multichannel marketing campaigns

Work with a Checkseal Pressure Seal Expert

First time pressure seal forms buyers and/or purchase new equipment- can be a baffling. That is why we recommend that you call in a professional consultant to help you plan. Listed below are few questions you need to answer before ordering pressure seal stock:

  • Can you use off-the-shelf pressure seal forms, or do you need custom pressure seal forms?
  • What size forms can your pressure seal equipment function?
  • What is your application and how will it fold?
  • Does your printer print (one sided) or duplex (two sided)?

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