Pressure Sealers & Forms

Paper Flow Efficiency

Pressure seal is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way produce mail-ready pieces with just a single sheet of paper. Through a unique folding and sealing process, pressure seal forms/checks are converted into self-contained mailers. This process eliminates stuffing and gluing of envelopes saving employee’s valuable time. There are several types of pressure seal paper and features that make it an effective solution for many industries. For medical & financial sectors, pressure seal forms are tamper-proof and feature blockouts that keep information confidential. Also, many organizations choose pressure seal secure documents for processing payroll checks.

Examples of documents you can send using pressure seal:

  • Checks
  • Utility bills
  • Medical bills
  • Transcripts
  • Tax forms
  • Past due notices
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • PIN information
  • Notices
  • Direct Mail

How Does Pressure Seal Work?

First, the blank pressure seal form or check stock is imaged with an office laser printer. The imaged documents are loaded into the pressure sealer feed system. During the folding process, the sealer machine aligns patterns of cohesive along the edges of the form. When the folded form passes through a series of sealing rollers that apply pressure, the cohesive is activated, creating a seal.

The Pressure Seal Mail Process
Pressure Seal Mail Process

Ordering Pressure Seal Equipment & Forms Online

Pressure Seal Equipment

Pressure seal machines have different volume processing capabilities. Depending on the volume of mail that you’re sending will determine the requirements of your pressure sealer. Low-volume desktop sealers are best for jobs less than 5k and high volume sealers can process up to 50k forms per day.

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Pressure Seal Forms

Pressure seal forms come in a variety sizes, folds and formats. Some common fold patterns are Z-Fold, C-Fold, & EZ-Fold. The form that you choose will depend on you r sealer’s option and your application. For example, if you’re sending a document with confidential information, you ‘ll want a form that blocks out the contents. All pressure seal forms have perforations that are tamper evident.

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Pressure Seal Checks

Pressure seal checks come in a variety security formats similar to laser checks. Some features are artificial watermarks, thermochromic ink, toner grip, prismatic pantographs & more.

Custom Pressure Seal Mailers

Custom pressure seal forms have many marketing benefits including direct mail. Designing a direct mail format to meet the objectives of a marketing campaign is easily accomplished. Pressure seal can be manufactured in rolls or sheets, and simplex or duplex. Value-added features that have immediate results in a direct mail campaign include windows, decals, scratch-off, pull-tab perforation, affixed or integrated cards and return envelopes. Pressure seal is an essential tool in many multichannel marketing campaigns

Custom Pressure Seal Mailers

Work with a CheckSeal Pressure Seal Expert

CheckSeal has over 30 years experience supplying pressure seal paper, machines, & customized solutions for customers nationwide. If you’re a new buyer, it’s important that you can answer the following questions before ordering pressure seal paper and equipment.

  • Can you use off-the-shelf pressure seal forms, or do you need custom pressure seal forms?
  • What size forms can your pressure seal equipment function?
  • What is your application and how will it fold?
  • Does your printer print (one sided) or duplex (two sided)?