Pressure Seal Forms

Pressure seal forms are the fastest, least labor intensive and most economical way of preparing and sending documents. Using pressure seal forms will save time and money, leading your company closer to complete optimization and efficiency. Pressure Seal Forms eliminate the need for stuffing envelopes because the form itself becomes the mailer after folding. They also eliminate the chance of putting multiple forms or the wrong form into an envelope. We offer full service for all of your pressure seal needs including the forms, equipment sales, service, all the way through printing, warehousing and fulfillment. Whatever your pressure seal form needs are, we can meet it. Call or email us to place an order, or browse our site to find more information about our products and services.

How Is A Pressure Seal Form Constructed?
Pressure seal forms are sealed through a unique bonding process that does not require water or heat. During the folding process a pattern of a specially formulated cohesive glue becomes aligned. The pressure seal forms are then tightly folded and sealed when processed through a pressure sealer.

What Is A Pressure Seal Form Used For?
Pressure seal forms are used for Benefits mailings, Custom Letters, Delinquent Notices, Dividend/Interest Notices, Grade Cards or Grade Reports, Invoices, Statements, License Applications, Notices, Promotions, Purchase Orders, Refund or Rebates, Renewals, Reports/Newsletters, Reservation Confirmations, Subscriptions, Tax Forms … and more.

How Pressure Seal Forms work? 

Pressure seal stock comes with a special glue in the margins so that when passed through a pressure sealing machine it is folded and sealed all at once.  The pressure seal piece is a self-contained mailer that doesn’t require any envelope or piece insertion so it saves time and labor and reduces the amount of material needed. To make this all work the glue must have some important characteristics that enable it to be passed through normal lasers printers without adhering to other sheets or having the glue activate through heat.  This glue will only activate through extreme pressure.

What Are The Different Types of Pressure Seal Forms?
Pressure seal forms come in 8 1/2″ X 11″ consisting of a 28# / 24# C-Fold, 28# V-Fold, 24# Z-Fold and 28# Z-fold as well as a 8 1/2″ X 14″ incorporating a 28# Z-Fold and 28# EZ-Fold.

The Z-Fold is ideal for simplex printing. Printing the data and address on the same side increases throughput and saves money.
The C-Fold is the perfect choice for duplex printing. Moreover, one fully enclosed panel provides the security required for checks or other.
The V-Fold provides a larger finished size and allows two-up printing. For added flexibility, 8 1/2″ X 14″ forms can be easily accommodated.
The EZ-Fold is used on 8 1/2″ X 14″ forms.

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