Outsource Check Printing

Efficiency in Outsourcing

Companies continue to outsource check printing and distribution process everyday due to security and expense associated with handling this non-core function in-house. Time and labor, materials, equipment, supplies and space to store and operate print functions are critical cost factors in the decision to outsource. Checkseal’s check printing and distribution solutions offers the opportunity to drive cost down 20 – 30% while enhancing the quality and security necessary to produce checks in bulk.

Check Outsourcing Services

  • Check & document design services for branded look & feel
  • Invoices, Statements, Payroll Checks, A/P Checks, Rebate Checks, Collections Letters, Attachments and More
  • Automated House Holding, Selective Inserting and Electronic “Check Pull” Process
  • Dynamic Message Integration
  • Electronic Reconciliation from Receipt of File through Mail
  • Accuracy in MICR Readability
  • Electronic Inventory Management System and Separate, locked Area for Sensitive Documents

  • Postage Savings through Mail Presort
  • Address Correction and Standardization
  • Automated Distribution and Mail Tracking
  • Planet Code
  • Certified With and Without Receipt
  • Certificate of Mailing
  • Clippership Distribution (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.)

  • Repository for Attachments to Printed Documents (proof of delivery invoices, statements, checks)
  • ePresentment of Documents to Clients
  • Online Viewing of Printed and Supported Documents
  • Online proofing of Specified Checks
  • Reporting for Manifests, Tracking Documents

Defining The Difference

CheckSeal’s check printing and distribution solutions offers customized check processing for any type of checks. Known as the “secure source,” CheckSeal’s intuitive solutions tracks each check throughout the entire process. The process is module-driven in which each step is tracked, documented and reconciled through each print run. Each check is electronically balanced, measured against a manifest, and checked for excellence in MICR quality

Our Distribution process also includes the necessary steps for royalty check processing. We can accommodate anywhere from one to 100+ pages for royalty statements. The process includes generation and production of multiple documents in line, digitally printing both the statement and the check. In addition, CheckSeal’s solution accommodates rebate and refund checks.

Finally, each check can be viewed and approved electronically prior to printing throughout CheckSeal’s online web portal.

CheckSeal Check Printing And Mailing

Streamlined printing and distribution of checks CheckSeal Check Printing and Mailing can help you save time and money by providing a one-stop source for check processing, printing and mailing. The result? Improved operational efficiencies and reduced administrative costs – all with less effort and paperwork.

Start leveraging our advanced printing capabilities to help your organization quickly boost productivity and discover cost savings. As a leading provider of payment distribution services, CheckSeal can handle virtually all of your check printing and mailing.

CheckSeal Check Printing and Mailing Capabilities:

  • Administrative Checks
  • Accounts Payable
  • Claims Checks
  • Commissions Checks
  • Expense Checks
  • Payroll Checks
  • Rebate Checks
  • Refund Checks
  • Return Premium Checks

Postage Savings

CheckSeal can also help your organization save money by leveraging our relationship with a postage cooperative. For documents and payments that are sent to doctors, CheckSeal can help provide additional cost savings by combining documents addressed to the same individual into one envelope instead of paying for separate mailings.