Troy 806 Series MICR Printer

Three Model Choices of MICR Printers Providing security to fit your need.
• Providing security to fit your need.
Production Workgroup Printing Boost productivity for every workgroup.
• Boost productivity for every workgroup. Even the biggest jobs print easily and fast, thanks to extra large input capacity and versatile paper handling options.
Versatile Supply Options Help protect your printer investment across the enterprise.
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Troy Security Features for the Troy 806 Series MICR Printer
Troy MICR 3015 3 Position Printer Key Locks
Most businesses locate the workgroup printer in an open office environment. This creates a security risk. TROY offers MICR locks and paper tray locks to reduce the risk of check stock theft and printer misuse.

Exclusive TROYmark™ Intelligent Anti-tampering Technology
Troy MICR 3015 Troymark Intelligent Anti-tampering Technology
TROYmark™ is a watermark of user-defined variable data, printed diagonally across each check. It provides state-of-the-art deterrence of fraudulent check alteration.
ExPT™ Exact Positioning Technology
Troy MICR 3015 Exact Positioning Technology
A MICR line out of alignment is onecause of rejected checks, a multimillion dollar problem for banks and companies.ExPT™ allows users to precisely adjust the MICR line with- out affecting the data file.


Built-in Secure Encryption and Decryption
Built in Secure Encryption and Decryption
Data security is critical in a distributed printing application. TROY’s encryption/ decryption technology “unlocks” and prints the data only when it is received at the TROY printer.

Complete the Solution

TROY Checkwriting Software – Compatible with most financial software systems, this software merges accounting information with preconfigured electronic check templates and prints checks exactly how you want onto blank security check paper.
TROY MICR Security Toner – A patented formula helps deter fraudulent alteration by releasing a red dye when chemical removal of toner is attempted with a solvent.
TROY MICR Toner – In new OEM cartridges, this high quality MICR will not void manufacturer’s warranty.

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