Paitec USA MX13000 Pressure Sealer

The MX13000 is the most affordable heavy duty pressure seal machine in the market today with its fast 13,000 pieces per hour processing and with a monthly duty volume of 300,000 pieces.
It features our heavy duty four roller sealing unit, Reverse Friction Rollers to auto correct double feeds, an auto-lift feed tray which holds up to 1,400 pressure seal forms,... Show More


MX13000 Features

  • Automatic Speed

    Adjustable speed allows operator to work at a comfortable speed and quiet environment.

  • Heavy Duty Cycle

    Enhanced parts and life cycle on rollers allow MX13000 to operate up to 400,000 sheets per month

  • Reverse Friction Roller

    Automatically detects singulates, and corrects doubles without any operator intervention for increased productivity

  • Large Infeed Capacity

    The easy-to load, auto-lift infeed hopper holds up to 1,400 sheets for time saving throughout processing

  • Four Roller Sealing Unit

    A second pair of sealing rollers enables enhanced sealing quality at higher speed.

MX13000 Specifications

Form Size Depth – Up to 14”/ Width – Up to 9”
Input Tray Up to 1,400 Pressure Seal Forms
Speed Up to 13,000 Per Hour
Fold Setting Quick Set Manual
Paper Weights 20 – 30 Lb.
Infeed Reverse Friction Roller With Cooling Fan
Manual Freeder Process Single or Damaged Forms
Fold Type Z, EZ, C, EC, V, & Double Parallel
Batch Counter Auto Start for Job Separation
Double Detection Automatically Detects Double Feeds
Jam Free Reverses the Rollers and Clears Any Jam
Output Capacity Auto-Extending Conveyer Stacker (350 sheet) or Vertical/Sequential Stacker (350 sheets)
Printer Interface Dual-Purpose (In-line & Stand-Alone)
Duty Cycle 300,000 Sheets Per Month
Weight 227 Lb.
Size 16 x 24 x 24 In. (W x L x H)/Without Conveyor