Paitec USA ES2500 Pressure Sealer

The ES2500 is compact, quiet, easy to operate, and very affordable. Processes up to 3,000 forms per hour with a monthly duty volume of 15,000 pieces. It is the perfect convenience machine for low volume needs. Also features a convenient item counter.
Features our unique angled sealer rollers for superior sealing. There is no better entry level pressure seal machine in... Show More

ES2500 Features

  • Perfect Sealing Quality & Low Noise Level

    The ES2500 offers the most advanced pressure sealing technology with lightweight, excellent sealing quality and extremely low noise levels.

  • Angled Seal Technology

    Innovative and exclusive angles seal technology provides superior sealing capabilities.

  • Excellent Folding Quality

    Excellent folding quality, even with pain paper based on our advanced angle technology.

  • Compact & Dynamic Design

    Advanced technology sealing system allows for compact design which saves workspace.

ES2500 Specifications

Speed 3,000 Forms Per Hour. Perfect For Low Volumes.
Input Tray Up To 80 28# Pressure Seal Forms
Duty Cycle Up To 15,000 Forms Per Month. Hundreds Per Day.
Fold Setting 11” Z, V, C; 14” Z, V, EZ; Optional 14″ C Fold
Form Sizes Depth – Up to 14” / Width – Up to 9”
Noise Level Less than 45 db
Weight 48 Lbs.
Dimensions 13 x 15 x 11 In. (W x L x H)