Paitec USA ES2000 Pressure Sealer

The ES2000 is the most office friendly desktop pressure sealer.
It offers the most advanced pressure sealing technology with lightweight, excellent sealing quality and extremely low noise levels.
Innovative exclusive angled technology provides superior sealing capabilities.
Excellent folding quality, even with plain paper based on advanced angle technology.
Advanced technology sealing system allows for compact design which saves valuable workspace.
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Technical Specifications for the Paitec USA ES2000 Pressure Sealer

• Speed: 2,000 Forms Per Hour
• Input Tray: Up to 150 Forms
• Batch Counter: Optional
• Fold Settings: Z, C,V, Double, 14″ Uneven Z
• Form Sizes:
– Depth: Up to 14″
– Width: Up to 91/4″
• Noise Level: Less than 45 db
• Weight: 48 lbs.
• Dimensions: 13 x 15 x 11 in (W x L x H)

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