Formax AutoSeal FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone Pressure Sealer

Standard Features
• Stand-Alone Sealing System: Specifically designed for use with various high-production floor model folders
• Heavy Duty Construction: Designed for high-volume production environments such as direct mail and fulfillment centers
• Pressure Rollers: High-production precision ground clutching four-roller system
• Fault Detection: Infrared sensor located at the infeed of the sealer detects any faults and sends signal to stop the upstream folder it’s connected to
• Clutching Roller System:... Show More

Technical Specifications for the Formax AutoSeal FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone Pressure Sealer

• Speed: Fixed speed of 40,000 forms/hour
• Paper Size: Up to 11.5” wide
• Dimensions: 25” W x 24” L x 38.5” – 39” H
• Weight: 180 lbs. (82kg)
• Motor: 1/2 HP AC
• Power: 240V, Single Phase
• Power Input Connection: 240 Volts
• Signal Input Connection: 240 Volts to start relay
• Fault Detection Connection: 24 Volt

CheckSeal supports the full Formax product line as well as other brands.