Formax AutoSeal FD 2006 IL System Pressure Sealer

The AutoSeal FD 2006IL System interfaces the industry-leading FD 2006 AutoSeal with model-specific MICR and non-MICR desktop laser printers (not included) to provide enhanced document security. The color touchscreen control panel with graphics-based interface makes setup incredibly easy.
The System’s enclosed paper path is specially designed to conceal sensitive documents including PIN notices, checks, school grade reports and health care information. This feature... Show More

Technical Specifications for the Formax AutoSeal FD 2006 IL System Pressure Sealer

• Printer Compatibility: OKI models with rear exit (B721/B731 with 3” riser, B512 with 4.75” riser)
– Kyocera models with rear exit (FS4200/P3055 with 1” riser and optional 500
– sheet tray)
– Legacy HP models with rear exit
– Additional printers may be compatible. Contact your Account Executive
– to arrange for testing.
• Fold Types: Z & V (all applications), *C (bottom check position only)
• Speed: Printer dependent
• Paper Size: Up to 8.5” W x 14” L
• Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 100,000/month
• Power: FD Model: 120 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
– FE Model: 220 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
• Dimensions (closed) **: 19” W x 46” L x 23” H
• Dimensions w/18”
• Conveyor (closed):
• 19” W x 65” L x 23” H
• Tabletop Area Required: 20” W x 43” L
• Tabletop Area Required
• w/18” Conveyor:
• 20” W x 69” L
• Dimensions w/Cabinets
• & 18” Conveyor:
• 20” W x 74” L x 48” H
• Made in the USA

Options for the Formax AutoSeal FD 2006 IL System Pressure Sealer

• P2006IL: Cost-saving package that includes FD 2006IL System, 18” conveyor and 2 cabinets
• 18” Conveyor w/Photo Eye: Allows for neat and sequential stacking of processed forms
• Reverse Stacking Conveyor: Allows for A-to-Z input and A-to-Z output
• Locking Cabinets: Fully enclosed for storage (2 cabinets required)

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