Direct Mail Snap Pack

Direct Mail Snap Packs

CheckSeal’s Snap Pack is a pressure-sealed mailer perforated on multiple sides for ease of opening. The CheckSeal formats have a tremendous open rate. The CheskSeal Snap Pack look is bureaucratic and official. CheckSeal can add any traditional messaging for urgency, time sensitive and confidential. Inside the voucher has a look and feel of a bank document which draws immediate attention for importance and value. We offer Full Color, High Quality variable imaging to go with our extensive stock Snap Pack line.

To date CheckSeal offers the only Snap Pack Manufacturing, Imaging, Sealing and mailing under one roof. This creates a low cost and turn-key solution.

CheckSeal also provides CASS and NCOA processing of your Snap Pack mailer to track your mail piece through the USPS. Snap Pack design services are available to expedite your proofing.

Snap Pack Pressure Seal Mailers are often used successfully for the following industries: Banks, Automotive, Mortgage, Legal, Healthcare, Collections, Governmental, Travel/ Vacation and more industries.

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