Snap Pack Mail

What is a Snap Pack Mailer?

A Snap Pack is a pressure-sealed mailer with perforations on all sides. Instead of opening an envelope, the recipient peels along the perforations. In the direct mail context, designs are bold and contain incentives that are tailored to each recipient. To achieve higher open rates, CheckSeal offers unique constructions, perforations, colors, and inserts. In addition to eye catching designs, our snap packs include integrated checks, windows, cards, coupons, and other incentives to take action.

snap pack

Mailing Solution without an Envelope

Snap Pack formats are highly customizable to each business, with value added features that drive up open rates and campaign performance. Banks, Automotive, Mortgage, Legal, Healthcare, Collections, Governmental, Travel companies utilize our custom integrated cards, checks, peel-off stickers, and scratch offs for better results.

Full Service Snap Pack Mail Provider

CheckSeal will complete your snap pack campaign from start to finish. This includes design, production, print, mail, and analytics. Additionally, we carry stock forms and equipment you’ll need to get started with producing your own mailers.

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