Outsource Accounts Payable

Solutions Designed to Optimize Cash & Workflows

CFO: Gain Revenue, Efficiencies and Control

  • Centralized and streamlined accounts payable processes
  • Higher level of payment security
  • Increase visibility and control
  • Business rule and privilege settings
  • Reduce paper / imaging
  • Better control of cash flow and posting processes
  • Enhance working capital
  • Advanced reporting
  • Earn revenue share based on transaction volume

AP Manager: Better technology to facilitate less manual tasks

  • Seamless interface with existing payables process
  • More efficient payment of invoices
  • Streamline payment file processing
  • Leverage existing systems and processes
  • “Works with my ERP system”
  • Support for multiple payment methods
  • Incremental data to facilitate automated reconciliation
  • Eliminates all back-end accounts payables processing

Supplier: 24/7 Visibility into Payment Status

  • Visibility into status of invoice and payment
  • Standard electronic remittance information across various payment methods and systems
  • All data necessary to facilitate reconciliation, including invoice adjustment data
  • System to communicate with appropriate contact in AP

End-to-End Payables Solution

Checkseal AP Automation Suite

Capture Invoices


Reduce Paperwork & Data Entry

AP Workflow


Leverage AP automation



Secure, scheduled payments for better cash flow visibility

AP Reporting

Reporting & Sync

24/7 access to reports & documents

Automation with minimal capital investment

Our solution improves efficiency and control by interfacing with existing accounts payable and ERP accounting applications.

To alleviate concerns over long integrations with existing or legacy platforms, our solution has pre-built ERP/AP and accounting systems integrations or can accept file-based or web services. Choose from different levels of Accounts Payable Automation, Commercial Card Management and Reporting and/or Web Services functionality.

Elite Customer Service and Implementation

CheckSeals’s customer service philosophy goes beyond industry standards to include consultation on best practices to provide innovative solutions that address current and future commercial payment challenges.

Checkseal and one of our financial institution partners will be with you every step of the way during implementation to make this a smooth and simple process for your organization.

CheckSeals’s account success team is unmatched for anticipating our client’s needs, incorporating new technology, and speed to market.